Thursday, April 23, 2015

15 Month Checkup: Shots! Shots! Shots!


This was a pediatric appointment so not those kinds of shots, although I could've used a few when we were done. I took both kids with me which was not the best idea I've ever had. Normally I only take the one and arrange from someone to watch the other two but nope, I thought it would be just fine.

Rory screamed while we waited, the stroller I took with us was awful and hard to manage and then once we got into the exam room Rory quieted down and Audrey took over. We went through the the usual antics and Audrey received two shots and weighs in at 20lbs almost on the dot. Never fun but the whole appointment went as quickly as could be hoped.

 It's funny because while Audrey has all the usual baby chunk (and then some) she still seems so tiny. Just absolutely miniature. I know I always see her next to her brothers so that explains some of it, and she's right in the 40th percentile for height and weight, but she just seems so eensy!

Personality wise she is still a delight. She had a few colds this late winter and spring but she's back to being healthy and has about 8 teeth and hardly any hair, far less than both boys. I like to put it up anyway I can but there's hardly anything to work with.

She's a good eater and happy to try anything new but insists on feeding herself. Luckily she's surprisingly adept at this. She does her absolute best to keep up with the boys and will throw herself into whatever they are doing. Playing with blocks? She insists on having some too. Drawing? Give her a crayon right this instant. They are really good about humoring her and making her feel included even when the activity is obviously beyond her capability. She is a little ray of sunshine but she's learning to speak up for herself too.

Language wise, she is the chattiest of them all. Rory was a talker but she has so many more words then even he did at this age: want this, thank you, crackers, milk, up, open, the list goes on. I'm sure this grasp on language helps explain why she's still such a perpetually happy kid. She does like to pretend tantrum though: she'll throw herself down (on carpet) and roll around while whining. When someone comes to see what's wrong she'll just laugh.

 The one skill she hasn't quite mastered is walking. She rolled/sat/crawled and stood in quick succession but would never even attempt to walk unless it was cruising along the furniture. If you took her hands to help her stand she would yank them away and sit down. She just took her first independent steps last week but can only go about four steps before she's back down again.

Overall she is such a sweetheart and has her big brothers in the palm of her hand. They could be all-out fighting and she will manage to get them working together to help her walk or bring her toys. Smart lady. I hope she holds on to that skill as she gets older!

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