Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Great Preschool Quest, Round 2

So, I don't know if you're aware of this but my second child, the chubby cheeked bumbling toddler, will be three in a few months time which means that it's nearly time for PRESCHOOL.

I know! I was shocked myself. At first we had no worries. Rory, despite being such a babyface, has the spirit of a Viking and is ready to conquer preschool. We fully planned to send him to Aiden's old school because we loved the teachers, the director and the options for 2, 3 or five days a week.

Enter Drama, scene left: The director retired! She handed the program down to a teacher that we really liked so that was okay until the building they used was torn down! They moved downtown into a newer facility so that was okay too. Except the entire program changed! Now the only option for a three year old is just two days a week. I don't feel like that's enough time to get used to such a new routine.

This all seems like small beans as I write it down but by then I was on a roll. Over thinking things is my cardio. It didn't help that we read a study saying that money spent on a child's early education pays off more than money spent on their college. Add in those swirling thoughts about whether or not we should have found a more serious preschool for Aiden and I was off researching.

 I found a new place that offered three days a week and a lot of really neat side programs and they were full, of course, even though this was early March. I also found a lot of really intense programs that were full day and insisted that all children be potty trained, Rory was no where near potty trained.We looked at one more school that was really promising, albeit more expensive, but in the end circled round to the original school. It's still only two days but we love the teachers, the location and the fact that Aiden was able to start Kindergarten with several friends from this preschool.

In the end I think he'll be just fine. He is such a smart kid and such a little clown that I can't wait to see how he likes school next year. Oh, and in true Rory fashion, he decided (after weeks of me casually suggesting he give the potty a try and him politely saying "no thanks") to go ahead and be done with diapers. Just like that. So there you go. He really is going to be just fine. 

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