Monday, November 29, 2010

The Post Where I Make You Cry

Aiden turns three next Sunday. For some reason, this birthday has hit me harder than the others. When Aiden turned one it was like a sigh of relief. I was sad to see him growing up but it was a relief to see some of the stressful parts of caring for an infant fall away. When he turned two it was so much fun. He was walking and talking (a little) but definitely still our little guy. Now that he's about to be three....I don't know. He's his own man. The change in him this past year has been amazing. Physically he's grown so much just over the summer that he's more than half my height. He's talking, he's potty trained, he's got his own interests and a hilarious sense of humor.

It suddenly feels like someone has pushed fast forward and time is just slipping away. I'm just totally bowled over by the fact that he's no longer a baby. He's a boy. When he was younger I was so eager to see what he'd be like and now that he's starting to blossom I'm getting that panicked feeling as it dawns on me how one day he'll be grown, and he'll go off on his own. When you put love and hard work into something you want to hold onto it and savor it, but our children are one thing that we have to turn out into the world. You love them and care for them and drive yourself crazy trying to be the best for them, all so that they can stand on their own.

I know he's only three, that I have many more years ahead to love and hug and hold onto him, but I can already see that day that we send him down the road alone.

So, we made this video to celebrate the three years we've had together with our baby. I mean, our boy. The song is "Stop This Train" by John Mayer, and it's one of our favorites, all about how the best balm from the sting of passing time is just to savor each moment and don't look back (except at the pictures ). I'll warn you: get a couple of tissues and be prepared.


LauraES said...

I cannot believe he is so grown up. I want to hear the audio that goes with the dancing video.

June & Sean said...

Haha, it's me going "more arms Aiden! more arms!" because I was trying to get him to show his cool dance. I swear, he has this dance that is all belly and elbows and it's so funny. But yeah, he's totally a big kid now and I'm happy but sad about it. Y'know?

LauraES said...

I do know, mostly I'm sad I'm not there to wish him a happy birthday, but happy with the cool little person he's becoming.

Tierney said...

I loooove the dancing video!! He's so big, it's unbelievable!
And Laura, I'm sad you can't be here for his birthday, but I'm really glad I'm finally going to be around for one! Can we both be next year??

Vicki said...

I love the dancing he is a lucky boy- loving and caring parents, endless love from all of us.

Vicki said...

I want Sean to send him to the dancing class(studio) Sean thinks this is for girl. No, it is not for girl;