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Hi! I'm June. I'm a mom to three kids ages 7, 2 and 1 and a wife to Sean. We're young parents just trying to figure out what we're doing and hopefully raise decent human beings in the process. I'm a type A, slightly nerdy lady who also loves makeup and fashion. And food. So much food.

 I'm a devoted Harry Potter fan (and a Ravenclaw if you're on Pottermore). I'm an INFJ if you're into psychology. I'm also a Scorpio if you're into astrology.Those three things should give you adequate insight to my neurosis. I love coffee, books, British television and anything silly.

This blog started as a way to share photos of my kids with family while we were living out of town, but now I'm hoping to use it as a place to share not only stories about my little ones but a few of my own interests as well.  Enjoy!

My squad

You can contact me at: jendres5@hotmail.com

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