Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sharing His Mother's Passion For Gossip Rags

I promise that when he's not reading Us Weekly he's browsing the encyclopedia and discussing Infinite Jest. I swear.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Crash and Burn

Every weekend there is a similar pattern of events: Aiden and Sean get each other so wound up and excited that they both end up in a heap on the floor by four thirty in the afternoon. I try to tell him that getting Aiden wound up is like winding up the economy, it requires a little stop and go, gas and brake, otherwise there's a bust. He doesn't seem to get the concept.

Well, yesterday the two of them chased each other in circles around the apartment since we couldn't go to the park in the rain. There were elaborate hide-and-pop-out games, treasure hunts and just some outright sprinting going on. I kept warning him that Aiden was going to hit a wall at some point, so to try and calm him down Sean pulled him around on this little green push car he has. Aiden seemed to be relaxing a little as they zoomed around the floor, but pretty soon Aiden's little head was nodding and then all of the sudden his little body just slumped sideways right off the side of his car. Sean caught him, and we couldn't help laughing at how kids can fall asleep anywhere but in their own beds sometimes.

He woke up, and we decided to get him some dinner and a bath before he fell asleep again. As you can see here, it was no use. A couple bites of food and he was down for the count. (Mind you, we don't usually let him run around shirtless, it was really hot here though...but yes this picture looks very strange).

Any how, he looked so cute asleep we couldn't help getting a picture. He got his revenge though by waking up three time last night just to remind us he hadn't managed to stay awake for dinner and that he was really mad about it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Year Later

Aiden, this time last year.

And this year.

Clearly, the hair only gets better.

Enjoying some cold cereal last year....

his mature palate
and vast knowledge of
herbs and spices....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hi Ho Elephant, Away!

I love this photo of Aiden for how serious and silly it is at the same time. I mean, he's looking dead straight at the camera, perfectly posed and stoic. It's the sort of positioning you might see in a gigantic monument to some heroic cavalry officer. Except for the fact that he's riding a purple elephant, complete with circus umbrella.

It's one of his favorite toys, and he likes to constantly climb on and off it. He tries all sort of crazy things like no hands, or resting his feet on the wooden handles, and one time even kneeling on it like a baby Evil Knievel.

I can only imagine what sorts of insane things he'll be doing by the time he reaches the first grade, and I'm glad that he's only adventured as far as this stuffed rocker.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Techie In The Making

Snding txts 2 a phone nr u

Isn't it strange how babies and kids are always wanting to touch cells phones, remotes, keyboards and very expensive DVD players? It's like they know that in a few short years they're going to be able to run laps around you with technology and they're just itching to get a jump start on it.

Aiden is probably lamenting my two year old cell phone here. "Come on mom, can't we get a BlackBerry? Or at least an Iphone? All the other kids at the playground have themmmm!"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Aiden the Mac Truck

Hey Guys! Look what I found!

You can see me struggling to appear all casual like I just found this adorable little dust bunny under the bed or something, when in reality he weighs just under one ton and I'm on the verge of throwing out my back.

Aiden still only weighs about 22 pounds and yet I go to sleep every night feeling like I participated in a particularly violent round of rugby. I know it's a sin to say you wish you're child would get bigger, but I do think things will be easier once he can get down the staircase with just holding my hand, or walk through public spaces without getting lost between people's shins.

In the mean time I try to tell myself it's like free weight training sessions, no bulky gym equipment or annoying trainers needed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clothing Optional

While this picture isn't exactly high quality, it effectively illustrates the clothing removal milestone Aiden reached today. I went to get him up from his nap and viola, he's half out of his shirt. This surprised me as Aiden isn't one of those kids who are constantly trying to strip down. He pretty much leaves his clothing where I put it, except for socks. The socks have been coming off for as long as they've been going on though, so that's pretty normal. One time he did managed to get out of his pants, but that was really an accident where the waist was too big, he tripped, his foot got stuck and bam, out of the pants he goes.

Now, I'm not really too worried about him taking off his shirt today. I'm assuming it was a novel thing, and he's already forgotton how to do it. At age 1, it's pretty amusing. I just hope he doesn't turn into one of those children where, in an effort to express his excitement and joy, he gets naked on the first day of kindergarten right in the middle of storytime. That's not amusing. Unless, of course, it's someone else's kid.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Afternoons

This is my absolute favorite sight in the whole world.

Cookies, Part 2

This is what happens when Aiden gets his cookie, and then we try to put him down for a nap.

Cookies, Part 1

This is the face of a cookie addict, trying to get a fix.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mmm Peachessss

I Can Already See The Teen Years

Just recently Aiden has figured out how to fully close the doors in our house. The first time he did this I panicked and flung it open to find him standing there, smiling proudly at finding another new way to make his mother freak out. Each door also has those push button locks, which he can't reach yet, but I keep the phillips head screwdriver close for the day he manages.

The whole thing started out pretty innocently. He'd close the door between us slowly, and then yell and yell until I opened it and he could see me again. Then he moved on to closing it carefully, waiting a couple of seconds and then knocking until I opened it. Then he would close it and laugh as he scratched at the door like an oversized cat. All in all, it was a fun game.

That is, until today when he realized how useful closing the door could be. We were in the bathroom while I folded some towels when I saw him reach for a bottle of soap. He heard me say 'no', and went for it anyway. Well, I yanked it out of his hands before he could put it in his mouth and he was NOT HAPPY AT ALL ABOUT IT. My sweet, loving little one year old suddenly turned into a moody teenager as he ran (toddled) into his room, turned to glare at me and SLAMMED THE DOOR IN MY FACE.

Oh yeah, puberty is going to be a blast.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Here's a little example of how out of control Aiden's hair is becoming. The situation seems to be exacerbated by long naps, humid days and generally sweatiness.

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Yesterday Laura and I took Aiden down to the Brooklyn Bridge promenade since it was such a gorgeous day. We got ice cream and Aiden got to spend some time with two other little boys who live near us.

Today however, it's been rainy and overcast. We missed the chance to take him to the playground before the weather got bad and we paid the price! The living room pretty much turned into a sea of toys. Even after Laura and I gave up trying to keep up with him and had collapsed on the couch, he continued to streak back and forth across the hardwood laughing and screeching. I pity our poor neighbors.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Miss Laura's Here

For the better part of this week, Aiden's godmother Laura will be staying with us. She's got all sorts of crazy fun planned and Aiden has been in the greatest mood since we've been home. She actually came back to Brooklyn with us after visiting my mother and managed to make what was quickly turning into the worst train trip ever into something manageable.

We drove part of the way home right after Aiden's 15 month check-up, and decided to let him sleep in the car as long as possible. When he woke up we decided to take the train from the Croaton-Harmon station to Grand Central. Big mistake. There was no parking, so I lugged tons of baggage and Aiden across a gazillion lots, just to get on the train filled with drunken college students heading down for St. Patty's.

Once at Grand Central we managed to catch the subway in the wrong direction, and pretty much barely made it home in one piece. Through the whole thing Laura kept Aiden amused and he managed to keep himself together for the whole ridiculous thing.

Serious Face

The pursed lips: Aiden Means Business!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Road Trip!

Going home to see grandma today.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mr. Handsome and Mr. Cute

Conquering the world, one lady at a time.


My favorite thing about Saturdays is when we wake up to hear Aiden's babbling on the monitor. Instead of Sean and I rushing around to get ready for the day before we uncage The Beast, we just bring him into the bed. He likes to roll around in the big mess of blankets before crash landing on one of us and giving a big sloppy baby kiss.

My second favorite thing is what I like to refer to as the Dueling Food Trucks on seventh avenue. On one end is the waffle truck, which is this red truck that serves hot sugary waffles wrapped in paper. On the other end is the dumpling truck that sells spicy miso soup and wontons. In between there's the myriad of hot dog carts. Sean is far too sophisticated to buy food off the street, whereas I have a Frequent Dumpling Buyer card. No joke. I'm pretty sure Aiden would be on my side of this issue as I have witnessed him walk up to someone else's mother on the playground and reach his hand out for some of the cheerios she was feeding her own child.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sad Sack.

Our days that are normally divided into quiet morning time, nap time, and afternoon play time are running together into a long parade of ow-my-teeth-hurt-and-I-don't-wanna-do-anythinggggg. It's nice in one sense because he wants to cuddle and sit quietly. On the other hand I cannot set him down without unleashing a tantrum of epic proportions. Like, you'd think the Hindenburg had exploded all over again.

Luckily, it's Friday so daddy! will be here tomorrow. Sunday we're going to see my mother and Laura, the (fairy) Godmother so I'm sure between the two of them they'll be able to whip him into a giggling frenzy.

'Lost' Secrets Revealed!

Aiden is of the opinion that the polar bears were brought to the Island to do agricultural grunt work. I don't know, but he could be on to something.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Balenchine, Fosse...and Aiden

Just hanging out, y'know, expressing himself through the creative medium of dance.
We'd like to dedicate this number to a very special grandma out there who's paying her daughter's tuition bill.

Where's Aiden?

This right here is why we can't release him into the wild yet. Clearly, his predator aversion tactics are sub-par. By 'predator' of course I mean 'mother who wants to feed him oatmeal'.

Aiden is right in the middle of teething these days. He has most of his front teeth and is cutting a molar right now. Basically he's avoiding sleeping and eating at all costs, and prefers to chew on anything near his face such as books, legos, or your shoulder. I can't even imagine how rhinoceros and narwhal parents deal with their children sprouting a HORN through their FACE.