Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Miss Laura's Here

For the better part of this week, Aiden's godmother Laura will be staying with us. She's got all sorts of crazy fun planned and Aiden has been in the greatest mood since we've been home. She actually came back to Brooklyn with us after visiting my mother and managed to make what was quickly turning into the worst train trip ever into something manageable.

We drove part of the way home right after Aiden's 15 month check-up, and decided to let him sleep in the car as long as possible. When he woke up we decided to take the train from the Croaton-Harmon station to Grand Central. Big mistake. There was no parking, so I lugged tons of baggage and Aiden across a gazillion lots, just to get on the train filled with drunken college students heading down for St. Patty's.

Once at Grand Central we managed to catch the subway in the wrong direction, and pretty much barely made it home in one piece. Through the whole thing Laura kept Aiden amused and he managed to keep himself together for the whole ridiculous thing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi hair is soo long, and he is soo big!!! I miss you guys like crazy <3