Monday, March 30, 2009

Crash and Burn

Every weekend there is a similar pattern of events: Aiden and Sean get each other so wound up and excited that they both end up in a heap on the floor by four thirty in the afternoon. I try to tell him that getting Aiden wound up is like winding up the economy, it requires a little stop and go, gas and brake, otherwise there's a bust. He doesn't seem to get the concept.

Well, yesterday the two of them chased each other in circles around the apartment since we couldn't go to the park in the rain. There were elaborate hide-and-pop-out games, treasure hunts and just some outright sprinting going on. I kept warning him that Aiden was going to hit a wall at some point, so to try and calm him down Sean pulled him around on this little green push car he has. Aiden seemed to be relaxing a little as they zoomed around the floor, but pretty soon Aiden's little head was nodding and then all of the sudden his little body just slumped sideways right off the side of his car. Sean caught him, and we couldn't help laughing at how kids can fall asleep anywhere but in their own beds sometimes.

He woke up, and we decided to get him some dinner and a bath before he fell asleep again. As you can see here, it was no use. A couple bites of food and he was down for the count. (Mind you, we don't usually let him run around shirtless, it was really hot here though...but yes this picture looks very strange).

Any how, he looked so cute asleep we couldn't help getting a picture. He got his revenge though by waking up three time last night just to remind us he hadn't managed to stay awake for dinner and that he was really mad about it.


Anonymous said...

You expect Sean to not behave like the economy. His head is spinning without any direction whatsoever, just have fun at every moment in life and have faith that the future will take care of itself...right...

Vicki said...

I saw Sean 20 yrs ago.