Thursday, August 23, 2012


As in, finally I have a moment to post something here. Both of these kids have kept me and Sean running around like crazy the past couple of weeks.

Rory has been growing like crazy. It seems like he's in a nonstop growth spurt. Whenever we go anywhere people stop to comment on how cute and little he is and I always want to say "You should have seen him two weeks ago, he was half this size!" He's also been going through a bit of a fussy stage. This took Sean and I by surprise as Aiden was a very calm baby. We thought Aiden was what most babies are like and we're quickly realizing that Aiden was unusually easy. He was perfectly content to sit in his little pillow or in the bouncy chair and look around. He would whine for a few minutes before he'd cry which gave us the chance to figure out what he needed long before he could get too worked up.
Rory, on the other hand, is a bit different. I always feel guilty saying he's fussy because I feel like I'm saying he's "bad" as if an infant could be bad. He's sweet and adorable and lovely and has a wail like a gosh darn klaxon. He doesn't give any crying grace period like Aiden did. Instead I am often startled to hear that the Luftwaffe are overheard before realizing that no, it's just Rory pretending to be an air raid siren. He must be hungry. He also prefers to be on my person at all times. He does not want to sit in a bouncy chair, he hates his car seat and, no thanks, he's outgrown pacifiers at the ripe old age of two months. Instead he'd like it if I could carry him everywhere, all the time. Also, could I possibly angle him so that he can see my face and the face of whoever I'm talking to? And could I possibly stop eating meals or going to the bathroom because that really takes away from his being-carried-around time. So, I love him to pieces but he's a wee bit demanding.
My name is Rory, and when I grow up I want to be an air horn. I practice all the time.

The saving grace is that he is a good sleeper, at night anyway. He's begun to be able to soothe himself to sleep in the evenings (by some miraculous miracle it's around the same time Aiden goes to sleep). He typically sleeps in 3 or 4 hour stretches and if the stars align he may just sleep for 5 hours at a go in which case I wake up feeling like a superhero. So yes, I realize that despite his typically three or four hour crying jags each afternoon, we are supremely lucky that he's not doing it at night. I guess it all balances out.

All this infant excitement really makes me appreciate Aiden even more. He has been unbelievably patient and helpful. If I say that Rory needs to be changed, Aiden will rush ahead and set out a diaper and about 47 wipes. He is very independent and get his teeth brushed, his hair combed and clothes put on by himself each morning. This does mean that occasionally he walks around in green plaid on orange stripes with an Ace Ventura hairdo but at least he takes pride in his appearance.
  He absolutely loves to help take care of his brother and will sit and talk to him about his toys or his books. He is the first to sound the alarm if Rory looks like he's getting fussy and will run over and start rocking Rory's seat to try and calm him down. This naturally leads to me reminding him to rock him gently. Or rock him slowly. Which means I have had this song and commercial stuck in my head for a month:

I drive Sean nuts singing it over and over, but you would too if you spent hours of your day rocking someone gently and slowly. Take it easy-oh never mind.

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Vicki said...

Rory is a ShiaoSean for sure.