Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2 Months

Rory had his two month checkup yesterday complete with three shots and an oral vaccine. Ugh. Vaccines are so important but I felt so bad for him, especially since one was the tetanus shot and it hurts for days. Poor guy.

He's grown like crazy in the past month. He clocks in at nearly 12 pounds and he's in the 53rd percentile for weight and 88th for height. Sean and I were laughing about the fact that Aiden has never in his life reached even the 50th percentile for weight. Clearly, Rory is an eating machine.

He's suddenly gone from being a tiny little newborn to a plump little baby complete with round little cheeks and thighs. Delicious. Also, since writing that last post we've figured out his fussiness a little bit. I've realized that he get very tired in the afternoons, but unlike in the morning where he can soothe himself enough to fall asleep, he's too wound up. I've been trying to make sure he's in a quiet environment to help him get enough rest and it seems to work pretty well. The whole "he's tired in the afternoons" seems glaringly obvious now, but I'm used to Aiden who could fall asleep anytime anywhere. He once fell asleep on the subway in midtown Manhatten at rush hour. Having a baby that needs extra help calming down is a new experience.

Perhaps the most enjoyable thing of this past month is that he's started smiling and babbling. He has started waking up everyday with the biggest grin on his face. He loves to sit and "chat" and does his best to mimic the way we move our mouths when we talk. I was completely surprised when I leaned over and started saying "Hi! Hi! Hiiii!" to him and he smiled back and said "HI!". I was so shocked I almost fell over. He's just mimicking me...or he's a TOTAL GENIUS. I don't know which yet.

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Vicki said...

Rory is so cute I love to hold him 24 hours a day.