Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Everything Since We've Been Home

Things have been crazy! I was looking forward to a week or two off with Sean but every morning we wake up and don't stop moving until 11:30 at night. I've been so busy some days that my feet and back start to ache the way they would when I was tromping all over Brooklyn, and I've just been running around the house! The laundry seems to have quadrupled now that it's cold, the house needed a bunch of small fixes and we've finally had the chance to finish a lot of random errands. It's good, it's just exhausting also.

What has happened in the past two weeks? Halloween! Here's a picture of the cutest Buzz Lightyear in the galaxy:
He looooved Halloween. He got to actually go Trick-or-Treating this year, just like a big boy, and it meant a bucketful of goodies and getting to wear this super suit. Huge thanks to Sean's stepmom and dad for finding such an awesome costume.

We also got our furniture back, FINALLY. It was a little disappointing as the movers basically tossed the boxes in, assembled the furniture incorrectly and then left both our couch and coffee table in pieces. At least everything was inside the house though, right? We're all unpacked and Aiden has adjusted wonderfully.

Hide and go seek: packing materials edition

Who needs Jack? Aiden-in -the-box.

Yeah...this game involves putting a box on your head and spinning in circles. Also great entertainment for the spectators.

Next up is Aiden's birthday! He's excited for year three, even though sometimes he says he'll be turning 1 again. However, I can't wait for Christmas. Sean and I had to make a stop at Lowes and we happened to wander down the aisle with all of the blow-up lawn decorations and Aiden's jaw dropped. He stood, just staring, at Santa and the reindeer and penguins and Frosty and Snoopy. He was starstruck over a handful of decorations and I can't even imagine how excited he's going to be when we get a tree and put up stockings. He really gets it this year and it's making me even more excited for my already favorite holiday.

P.S.: We visited Sean's sister at school the other day and realized that the kids in kindergarten right now will be in highschool with Aiden. Mindblowing. Also: the district just emailed us and let us know that Aiden (due to the Dec. 5th birthday, the cutoff is Dec. 1st) will officially be headed to kindergarten in 2013. You guys, that's like, tomorrow. Heartwrenching.


LauraES said...

Better to be the oldest kid in the class than the youngest, just ask Tierney and Ashley. He can not be turning 3, I think your calculations must be wrong. I miss you guys so much. Hurry up and get that Skype up and running!

Tierney said...

Seriously, being the youngest sucks!! I totally want to partake in this box on the head spinning in circles game, it sounds awesome!!

June & Sean said...

I do think it's good that he'll be older rather than younger. I was always one of the oldest because of my Nov. birthday and it was pretty cool. He'll be socially ready and maybe he'll even have a little advantage on the sports teams!

Demosthenes said...

On the other hand, though, I was one of the youngest in my class (October birthday when the cutoff was Nov. 1) and I'm so glad I made it into my grade - I have a feeling I would've been super bored if I had been a class behind.

Also, I got a double whammy since my last name is near the end of the alphabet. It's not fair that most of the things in school are done in alphabetical order...

June & Sean said...

Angela, I have to be thankful for alphabetical order since my 11th grade psych teacher sat us alphabetically, which meant that this guy Sean E. was sitting right behind me, poking me in the back and making dirty jokes. So I married him.

Demosthenes said...

Haha, I met my long-term high school/college boyfriend in a sort of inverse way. I was late to English class my first day (come on, it started at 7:20am, ick). All the people had already been arranged in alphabetical order and the only free seat was at the back of the room next to Matt.

Tierney said...

The box on the head game was just as good as I thought it would be!