Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 Things: All Music Edition

I missed doing a "3 Things"  post yesterday which is probably okay since I haven't read anything other than news articles (depressing) and the only movie we watched was The Kingsmen (hyper-violent but excellent suits). We have, however, been listening to a lot of music lately so here are 5 songs we've had on repeat lately (also, take a moment and appreciate how I finally figured out the ridiculously simple code tweak to keep the videos from hanging into the sidebar. Yay me):
Echosmith - Bright
It seems like this song is everywhere right now but I don't mind because it's so sweet and mellow and perfect for singing to small children who are feeling grumpy and in need of a snuggle.

Peaches- In The Valley Below
This is the ultimate driving around in the car song. It has a catchy vibe without being too hyper. This is perfect for tuning out stress and just relaxing. Basically, our Friday song. 

Omi- Cheerleader
Sean loathes this song with a burning passion. I love it for reasons I can't quite explain. I usually apologize, promise that he can pick the next song, and then turn it up and dance with Aiden.

Buttons - The Weeks
Sean and I both heard this song separately and when it came on in the car we both said "I LOVE THIS SONG". Jinx, he owes me a coke. It's a rock song but the chorus is simple and catchy. Also, the lead singer has beautiful flowing locks and should be in a Pantene commercial.   

Borns - Electric Love
I had to run out to an appointment and when I came home Sean was blasting that song. I was annoyed for about two seconds and then I was bopping my head because this song is catchy as heck. It helps that he sang it to me which is simultaneously awkward and adorable (and a little ear splitting since neither of us can carry a tune).

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