Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weekend Recap: Field Day!

Friday was Field Day at Aiden's school which is always tons of fun. I had the chance to help out again this year which mostly meant chatting with friends, hanging out in the shade and occasionally supervising a simple tire rolling game. This was a big improvement over last year when I was stationed on the sidewalk, in the sun, and tasked with helping the kids pop water balloons with their bare feet. I really don't mind getting dirty and helping the kids but drying everyone's feet and retying their shoes a zillion times was less than enjoyable so I was very happy with the shady station this year.

On Saturday we spent the morning outside with the kids and that afternoon Aiden had the chance to go swimming, so we took the babies out for hot dogs and french fries at our favorite outdoor spot. We used to do this all the time but this was the first time we'd taken Audrey and Rory. They are excellent diet aids (whether you're dieting or not) because you can take about three bites before they're bored and ready to move on. We don't eat food like that very often so we thought they'd be thrilled but nope, not even hot dogs can make a meal last more than thirteen minutes.

Sunday we went to the playground at the elementary school and Aiden showed us all the games he plays at recess and where he and his classmates planted flowers. We are all beyond ready for the break but I think he's really going to miss it all summer. He spent the afternoon swimming for the second day in a row.

And now it's Tuesday and we are on day two (and hopefully the last day) of Aiden being sick. I don't know if it was a cold or just too much activity all weekend but he was exhausted yesterday and came home early from school. He finally seems well enough since he's going bonkers inside so I think tomorrow it'll be back to the grind. Only five days left!

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