Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend started off with Aiden going to  a birthday party at the Super Mega Jump-Around-and- Smash-Into-Your-Friends Palace of Fun. That isn't the real name of the place but, judging by the antics that were going on, Sean thinks it would've been accurate. This meant that instead of putting the kids to bed at a reasonable 8pm and then relaxing for the evening we were shuttling Aiden and a friend around as the clock crept closer to 10. I think we both had a thrilling evening of passing out in front the the TV once he was home and in bed. Tres romantic. 

Saturday started with us being woken up multiple times by various children. Usually we can get them to sleep in at least a little on the weekend but no such luck that morning. We ended up having a big breakfast of french toast, going to the playground and hanging out in the yard while the babies napped. Sean and I even got to go out on the date that night, which was fantastic (especially considering our less than stellar Friday night).  Pretty much a perfect Saturday. 

We spent Sunday running a few errands and then getting some yard work done. I should clarify, the babies were napping while Sean and Aiden did tree related stuff, so I read a book in the sunshine. That happens so rarely that I usually sit there for ten minutes trying to remember what I'm actually supposed to be doing before giving up and enjoying the break.  Not a very fancy weekend (except for the date night) but relaxing all the while.
Just going to do some fairy stuffs

Bringing glamor to Target

Okay, so I put the soil in the what?

Behold, the sun bonnet glory                         

Sand box!

A boy and his blueberry bush


Heart melting sweetness before bedtime

Stroller snuggles

Audrey dressed for retirement in Boca

What could possibly go wrong here?

Very serious on the swings

Just do it like this, Audrey

Boy secrets

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