Wednesday, June 3, 2015

3 Things: Antelopes, Fairy Tales and Girls

This week has been freezing and rainy. The rain is good because we needed it but the freezing...not so much. Of course I use the term "freezing" very loosely but seriously, it's June now and it should at least be in the upper seventies. Get with it nature!

This is the first week in a long while where we have hardly any events or activities going on beyond the normal ones. Aiden has a birthday party on Friday but other than that...nada. It's so nice to have a reprieve from some of the craziness. Here are some things we've be enjoying with all that downtime:


Image result for the antelope in the living room

The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle.  Melanie Shankle is a well known blogger at Big Mama (a fellow mom who started a blog when their kid was little and got stuck with a goofy blog name. I feel ya) and this is her memoir about marriage. It's a very easy read (seriously, like two hours maybe) but very funny and sweet. I've read her blog for a couple of years so I was somewhat familiar with her story but the book goes into much more detail about the dynamic between her and her husband. It cute, heart warming and perfect for reading by the pool. She's very religious however and sometimes a funny story will segue into a verse from Ephesians or something, which can be a bit distracting if you're not into that sort of thing. 


We are catching up with Once Upon A Time. If you live under a rock, this is an ABC show that brings fairytale characters together in the modern world. They have to balance whoever they were in their fairytale with the life they lead in the real world. As Disney fans we love it. We started watching when I was pregnant with Audrey and then stopped, but have picked it up again. It's a little hokey at times but it sucks you in. I think the first season was the best because I liked discovering who each character was, but the plot is wonderfully twisty now and you really never know what new character will show up. 


Girls by The 1975. We love this band and this song in particular is one of my favorites. Their album has been out for a year or so now but it's still great. The song is catchy so don't be surprised if you're singing it five hours from now. 

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