Sunday, August 29, 2010

ChooChoo Backs for a ChooChoo Plane

Aiden's favorite toy is his Duplo train track. He plays with it everyday, but can't quite pronounce it properly and thus walks around talking about his "choochoo backs" in this sing-songy voice. It's so cute, and even though we should be correcting his pronunciation, Sean and I tend to refer to them as the choochoo backs in the very same way.

He also has a train and a plane which will frequently get put together, and it has become the choochoo plane. Again, it's so cute we can't bear to correct him.

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Laura said...

Choo Choo Back, is that the new J Timberlake joint?

Tierney said...

He is adorable. But looks like he is taller than me.... start feeding him coffee please to stunt that childs growth!!!

Vicki said...

I love his short hair. He is so cute.