Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just Sit Back and Laugh

Packing peanut catastrophe. Peanuts provided by Great Grandpa Evanoff.

That's what I've been doing for the past couple of days. We've been having a lot of fun, despite Aiden's continued wacky sleeping, because the weather has been a lot cooler. Everyone's in a better mood now that it's not 120 and smoggy. Even today, where everything has, so far, completely fallen apart, I'm just kind of scratching my head and laughing.

Today was/is supposed to be the best day yet, as it's Story Time day (Aiden's fav) and Sean's supposed to come home from work early so that we can go out for lunch together before he leaves to go study.

However, it hasn't quite worked out so far. At story time, while the kids were playing at the train table, more and more moms and kids were coming in and they were....crazy. Aiden was playing quietly with one boy, taking the trains apart and putting them together again, until his mom came over and asked her son "Why are you giving him trains? Put them over by us". Um, hello? Our children were sharing nicely and you felt the need to put a stop to it? WHAT?

The next mom came in and her son had brought two trains from home. She like watched him like a hawk and anytime another child would ask to see his trains she'd hop up and say "No no no, don't let anyone see them. They're ours and we're not letting anyone have them". Again....WHAT?

The third mom didn't let her son play with the trains because apparently it was book time, not play time. Except everytime he brought a story over to have her read she'd veto his choice because she didn't like the characters or there wasn't a solid enough plot. Her child was three. Seriously? Finally her child came to play trains and elbowed Aiden out of the way so he couldn't play. Apparently the mom didn't feel the need to speak up, so Aiden just walked away.

By this time Aiden was afraid to approach any of the other kids. After Story Time we headed home, and Aiden broke down in the parking lot. As I was trying to open the car door he dashed out between two cars. I yanked him to a stop by the back of his shirt, which furthered the tantrum.

He calmed down in the car and I pulled up to the exit. We had a green light but the women in front of us was stopped. I couldn't figure out what was going on until she took her foot off the brake and nearly rolled back into us. There were four cars behind me and I couldn't back up. Twice more she nearly hit us. I was honking like a true New Yorker at this point, making some less than PG13 hand gestures in her direction. Seriosuly, I looked like an old Italian man waving my hands around. Finally the cars behind me all backed up and she had enough room to awkwardly gun it out of the intersection.

By the time we got home my heart was in overdrive from everything. Also, Sean is now an hour late for our lunch date.

But honestly, I'm not even upset. I think we've had too much excitement for one day, and I'm perfectly happy to lay on the floor with Aiden.

Aiden, with shoes on the wrong feet and no pants, who walked out of his room at nap time and demanded to be let out of the apartment.


LauraES said...

So wait, what's the story with the packing peanuts?

Tierney said...

Seriously, you did leave us hanging with the packing peanuts. But his outfit choices are high class!

Vicki said...

Picture is so cute