Monday, April 13, 2009

Action Packed

Now imagine a soundtrack of "Ohhh!" "Woooow!" and the constant thudding of his fork against plastic.

We're back in Brooklyn after a long and lovely Easter visit with our family. The weather was a little chilly, and we were living out of our suitcases in a house with no furniture (since we've moved it all down here) but it was so wonderful to be near everyone. Plus, Aiden loved being able to make all of the noise he wanted, whenever he wanted, as opposed to apartment living where you try not to cough too loudly lest your neighbors complain.

We knew we'd been missing home, especially now that the weather is getting warmer and we have no front lawn for Aiden to play on. However, when we finally arrived there and had two whole days of visiting our friends and family we realized that we truly hope to come back and give Aiden a future there. So much, including jobs and housing, are still up in the air, but with Sean and I graduating, and the wedding coming up, we are working harder to figure what we can do to make sure Aiden has the opportunity to grow up in a good community near his family, the way we did.

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Gena said...

He's is just a cutie pie!
You must love life in an apartment! I know I do.
Seriously, though, check my site. I may be able to help you guys.
No bull, okay!