Thursday, April 9, 2009

Interior Design, Courtesy of Aiden

We will frequently find a random piles of toys in the strangest places. We've had a Duplo truck in our spice drawer, a beach ball in the cabinet next to the pasta, board books carefully tucked under the covers on our bed and many other little surprises.

We are just now starting to collect items on our wedding registry, and these little piles of toys we find have inspired us to pick out more colorful dishes/towels/decorations then we ever would have chosen if Aiden weren't around. I figure we can either spend twenty out of twenty four hours in the day picking up his stuff and carting back to his room, or we can adapt and accept that these are little inevitable reminders that we have a child, and a least feel comforted by the fact that the Yookidoo playhouse will match the dining room placemats.

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