Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Clothes Issue

When Aiden was first born, and I still naively believed in reading all of the parenting books, they kept saying that eventually children become interested in getting dressed and will want to help you dress them. This is just plain untrue, at least in Aiden's case. I know he'll eventaully learn to dress himself, but until then it is a constant battle and he frequently runs around half out of a shirt because Sean and I, two adults who are much bigger and stronger and hopefully smarter than this toddler, cannot manage to get him dressed in one go. Finally, once the shirt is on, we go for the pants. Usually there is so much wiggling and wrestling and flailing of limbs that he ends up with two legs in one leg hole, looking at us like we are just the most incompetent individuals he's ever had to deal with.

So this morning, I let him win, at least for a little while. He played Legos pants-less while I made breakfast and devised a better strategy for tackling the bottom half of the clothes debacle. As of right now, he's wearing pants, but eventually he'll have to change into pajamas and I'm tired just thinking about it.

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