Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Airing Our (Clean) Laundry

Last night, as Sean and I scrambled to finish our various tasks, we realized at about 11pm that we'd forgotten to get the laundry from the basement dryer. No problem, we figured, it's probably extra dry and fluffy now. Well, Sean came back up from the basement with an entire laundry basket full of soaking wet clothes. Apparently, the dryer had broken AGAIN and I ended up hanging our whole load of clothes throughout the apartment. Aiden woke up to a veritable jungle, with jeans and towels and tee shirts and socks hanging from every available space.

I was worried he'd see the new decorations and starting yanking them down as fast as he could, but instead he wandered around staring at them and then staring at me like "Is this a new holiday? Trees for Christmas, Pumpkins for Halloween and Laundry for Tuesdays?".

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