Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Epic Naps

Grandma and Aiden
This picture is from a visit in February, but seemed appropriate since it is of them snuggling after a nap, and napping is about all he did today.

Last night we finally got around to installing a heavier shade over Aiden's window, as he's been waking up at six thirty with the sun rise. He still woke up at six thirty, but he went back to sleep after Sean left for work and slept until ten thirty! I was surprised but figured he needed the rest. Well, after he ate lunch he started getting sleepy again, so I laid him in his crib thinking he might just rest for a bit without really napping, but alas, he slept for four hours more.

I think it was a combination of the pitch black in his room and the fact that it was once again pouring rain, and Brooklyn is much quieter in the rain.

When I told my mom this on the phone she asked "Well why didn't you wake him up?!". I don't know, waking a sleeping baby always seems like shaking a bottle of soda and opening the cap. Just don't do it. Not to mention I was way too busy enjoying the blissful silence to realize just how much time had passed.

Aiden seems to have enjoyed his ridiculously long naps today, and I'm thinking that the worst case scenario is that he's up all night. Luckily Sean's home so it'll be his turn.

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