Sunday, April 5, 2009


Daddy made breakfast

So, today we crammed in every fun thing we could think of since yesterday was so unbearably windy that we ended up staying in. After Sean made everyone a delicious breakfast we all walked up to Prospect Park, which was beautiful and green. It seemed like everyone was out enjoying the weather.

At Prospect Park

Aiden spent an excellent twenty minutes throwing things into a very deep puddle we came across. He also chased every bird, squirrel and dog he could see and wandered all over the place while we marveled at how steady on his feet he's become.

Grand Army Plaza

Finally we walked up to Grand Army Plaza and got hotdogs, which I've been dying to do since the weather got warm, it's the quintessential New York lunch. We walked back home and stopped for ice cream too, because heck, it was just that nice out.

Finally we had to take my mom to grand central to catch her train, and after that we wandered around mid-town for a little and rode back to Brooklyn. Altogether, it was a very long, very fun day. We already miss grandma but will be back upstate on Thursday for the Easter weekend.


Anonymous said...

That top picture may be my favorite ever. Thursday cannot come soon enough.

Vicki said...

About the top picture; please take the same position picture monthly