Saturday, March 14, 2009


My favorite thing about Saturdays is when we wake up to hear Aiden's babbling on the monitor. Instead of Sean and I rushing around to get ready for the day before we uncage The Beast, we just bring him into the bed. He likes to roll around in the big mess of blankets before crash landing on one of us and giving a big sloppy baby kiss.

My second favorite thing is what I like to refer to as the Dueling Food Trucks on seventh avenue. On one end is the waffle truck, which is this red truck that serves hot sugary waffles wrapped in paper. On the other end is the dumpling truck that sells spicy miso soup and wontons. In between there's the myriad of hot dog carts. Sean is far too sophisticated to buy food off the street, whereas I have a Frequent Dumpling Buyer card. No joke. I'm pretty sure Aiden would be on my side of this issue as I have witnessed him walk up to someone else's mother on the playground and reach his hand out for some of the cheerios she was feeding her own child.


Gena said...

How cute!

Court said...

How fun and visual this post was. I love morning time with my daughter too and man do those waffles sound good!

CenzLuccsMom said...

LOL!! The waffle truck sounds fantastic!! I think my sons would like truck food too as they are like your little guy in thinking everyone at the playground should share food with them!!