Friday, March 20, 2009

I Can Already See The Teen Years

Just recently Aiden has figured out how to fully close the doors in our house. The first time he did this I panicked and flung it open to find him standing there, smiling proudly at finding another new way to make his mother freak out. Each door also has those push button locks, which he can't reach yet, but I keep the phillips head screwdriver close for the day he manages.

The whole thing started out pretty innocently. He'd close the door between us slowly, and then yell and yell until I opened it and he could see me again. Then he moved on to closing it carefully, waiting a couple of seconds and then knocking until I opened it. Then he would close it and laugh as he scratched at the door like an oversized cat. All in all, it was a fun game.

That is, until today when he realized how useful closing the door could be. We were in the bathroom while I folded some towels when I saw him reach for a bottle of soap. He heard me say 'no', and went for it anyway. Well, I yanked it out of his hands before he could put it in his mouth and he was NOT HAPPY AT ALL ABOUT IT. My sweet, loving little one year old suddenly turned into a moody teenager as he ran (toddled) into his room, turned to glare at me and SLAMMED THE DOOR IN MY FACE.

Oh yeah, puberty is going to be a blast.

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