Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Back to School: and Then There Was One

I intended to write a "back to school" post last month, right after they started school but I realized I'd better wait and see how things go before I give any sort of summary.Genius right? I also intended to write about six zillion other posts but LIFE.

Anyway, Aiden started school before Labor Day which is totally unheard of in these parts and made me rather mad but I soon realized that various other holidays and conference days meant that he didn't actually have a full week of school until October, so it was sort of necessary to get a jump start.

He got lucky this year and is in class with almost every one of his super best buddies (boys and girls) and really likes his teachers. We really like his teacher because a) her curriculum is very straightforward so we actually know what Aiden needs to be working on (as opposed to last year when we loved his very sweet teachers and loathed the wacky way they approached schoolwork).  Also, b) she's already given the kids a talk about being responsible for their own work and supplies. As in, THEY need to make sure their homework is done and packed up and if they forget it's not Mom's fault. I still help to remind him but we've already noticed that he takes more responsibility for his homework and tests at school than before (the flip side being he's had a few moments of stress over his work and progress that we've never really had to deal with before).

And of course, RORY. Rory started preschool. He attends two days a week and because of the holidays it was reduced to about once a week for the past month which meant it took a little while for him to get comfortable. His first day was nerve wracking for me, because he is still my least predictable child, but he did just fine. There have been some tears and clinginess at drop-off but really it could've been 1,000 times worse so yeah, he's doing great.

We did get a report back that he seemed to constantly be doing his own thing. The class does a project, Rory plays alone. The class sits down to read and Rory colors at the table. The class has free play and Rory wants to sit on the teachers lap and read. The teacher mentioned it in sort of a "do you have any suggestions" way, and I felt a little vindicated because YES. THIS IS HIS THING. Also no, I do not have any suggestions, you're the professional, you let me know when you manage to get him to go with the crowd. I'm glad to see that someone else is just as confounded by him. (She did update me a few days later and say that they had treats for someone's birthday and the promise of a cupcake had him being most agreeable that day. Food is his love language I guess).

All in all Rory loves preschool. He arrives and is slightly overwhelmed by the NOISE and CHAOS and then finds his little niche and enjoys himself.  He is extremely proud of the artwork and projects he brings home, all of which are displayed front and center on the fridge, and asks when he can go back. I don't know if he'll happily fall in line with the other kids as he learns the routine or if he's always going to be a bit of a maverick but I'm just so happy at how well he's adapting and how happy he seems.

So the only sad footnote to all the back to school excitement is Audrey. I had been so wrapped up in making sure the boys transition to school went smoothly I didn't think how it might affect her. I (naively)  assumed she'd love having me all to herself with them out of the house. Not so however; she cries when we leave preschool without Rory, is cranky and aimless while he's gone, and perks up again after naptime when both Rory and Aiden are back. This girl loves her people (and every night before bed she requests a hug from everyone, not just people in our household but alllllll the grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles. If they are not there she wants to know where they are and when they are coming over). She might be having a harder time letting go of the boys than I am!