Monday, September 27, 2010

When Life Gets a Little Wild

All throughout the night we were bombarded by nonstop lightening and thunder. Aiden woke up at 3am and 5am, and although I should've realized it was because he's terrified of storms, Sean and I just kept dragging him back to bed over and over, groaning at being awoken so early. Thus began our day.

As I was getting dressed I realized I couldn't find my wedding ring. I retraced my steps and looked in every spot I may might have left it but found nothing. I began to panic. How could I lose the material representation of my wedding vows? NOT GOOD. Then I remembered how Aiden tends to rifle through the things on my bedside table, the place where I keep my ring at night. I attempted to interrogate him about it but he would say "uh...wing? uh yes" , he'd run out of the room and come back with a balloon. Or a plastic car. Not my wedding ring. I was on the verge of tears begging him to think about where he put it, but finally I gave up. After five minutes of silence on my part, while I tried to remember what the insurance policy on the ring covered, I barely noticed Aiden shimmying on his belly under the bed. He emerged from the depths with my two rings in his hand, smiling and very proud of remembering his hiding spot, nevermind that I was pulling my hair out and explaining to him what "grand larceny" meant.

It poured all day, making errands extremely difficult since our main road tends to flood at the lightest rain shower. Aiden barely napped. Things were not really coming together for me. Every breath I took seemed to come out as a tortured sigh.

Finally, I decided to make some banana bread before Sean got home. Aiden likes to sit on the counter with me while I mix ingrediants, occasionally asking to stir things. Whenever I hand the bowl over to him I'm constantly reminding him to stir "SLOWLY!!!" or else there are clouds of flour and cascades of sugar and egg all over the place. Today I was just trying to get everything together as quickly as possible, convinced that this too would somehow implode. I was whipping the batter, lost in thought about what I hadn't accomplished today, when I felt two tiny hands on my arm.

"Slow mommy," Aiden said. "Slow"

He looked so serious when he said it that I couldn't help but smile. I let him stir the rest of the time. Instead of working myself up over what I could try and cram into the next two hours, I took his advice and slowed down and we went and watched Kung Fu Panda. It was totally worth it.


Vicki said...

grand larceny- Aiden needs a brother or sister so he can teach him/her what is "grand larceny" I think he took your ring because he sent him back to his bed.

Vicki said...

I think Aiden understood what June was asking him about the rings; he was teasing June and made her nervous for sending him back to his bedroom. This was something Sean would do when he was young.

Demosthenes said...

Funny - the kittens stole Ben's engineers ring a few days ago. He left it in the bathroom by accident and now we can't find it. I'm hoping they didn't eat it...