Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Second Best Toy Ever

Everyone knows that the best toy in the world is an empty cardboard box. However, I'm starting to think that the second best toy must be a helium filled balloon. Sean and I had to get the oil changed in both cars yesterday so Aiden had to come along. He loves car dealerships, because he loves anything involving cars. We wandered around showing him all the brand new Honda's while we were waiting (and like the engineer in training that he his, he kept asking to see the engines and wanting us to explain what all the parts were).

Lucky for him, one of the salesmen came along and gave him a HUGE white balloon. I explained to Aiden that if he took it outside and let go, it would float away, so he needed to hold on very very carefully. The whole ride home he held that balloon in a death grip. When we got inside I told him he could let go and that it would hit the ceiling and that he could pull it back down by the string. Well he let go, and with eyes wide he watched it bump against the ceiling. He shrieked with glee and pulled it back down, laughing at how he could retrieve it all by himself.

sorry this is sideways:

The added bonus is that now I always know where Aiden is.

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Tierney said...

It does make him very easy to find... but I think he may end up heartbroken when it stops floating!!