Sunday, September 19, 2010

Start of Fall, Almost

Wow, I didn't realize how long it had been since my last post until three separate people gently reminded me to get cracking and post something. The weather is finally getting cooler here! Although the high's are still 90 degrees almost every day, it only stays that warm for a couple hours and the mornings are usually in the seventies or eighties. It's so nice.

However, I am a little jealous hearing about the beautiful weather and the leaves and the great apple picking in New York. Although the weather is milder here, we don't have any leaves changing or crisp breezes or that wonderful scent of fallen leaves. Or apple cider donuts. Or hay rides. Can you tell I'm missing Autumn just a little bit?

We are nearing the last month of our stay, and I can hardly believe it. When we were in Brooklyn time seemed to crawl, it really felt like we were just going to stay there forever. We we moved down here it felt very temporary but still, I didn't realize just how fast it would go.

We've been busy visiting all of the parks that it was too hot to visit before. Aiden spends every morning outside playing since this is our last chance to get in a lot of that before returning home. We're planning on visiting the Magnolia plantation in the next couple of weeks and hopefully seeing Charles Towne Landing, which is Charleston's version of Old Sturbridge Village. If we're really brave we might get in one last trip to the beach!

Aiden has found the one leaf that has fallen off the trees

Who needs beautiful forests of colorful leaves when we have pollen floating on ponds?