Sunday, September 30, 2012

Three Months: He's Coming For You


Rory is now three months old. He's marked this occasion by embarking on another growth spurt. Seriously, the whole first year is essentially a growth spurt but these intense ones involve near constant eating and fussing and a desire but inability to sleep. And if the baby isn't sleeping: NOBODY IS SLEEPING. We're all running around like zombies over here.

My brain has gone to mush and I had a very embarassing conversation with the pediatrician that went something like: "His name is Bo. Rainbow. No wait that's the dog. He's Rory. His birthday is....December. July. June! Don't ask me the date or I'll cry. Also, he was born He was born in this year, the one we're in now". Yeah. Gotta love the crazy tired mom.

Aiden started sleeping through the night around four months however, so maybe there's hope yet? Maybe? Soon?

Another terrifying awesome development: he's rolling over. He's been rocking from side to side on his back for awhile but today he kind of kicked his leg over and boom. He was on his tummy and very, very angry about it. Apparently that's not what he was trying to do, but he did it anyway and now when I walk away he tries to roll over to follow me.

I was so excited when Aiden learned to roll over but now? Now I know better. Rolling over = trying to roll OFF of stuff. Rolling across the room and trying to eat things. Rolling means constant vigilance is in order. Which is hard when you're really really tired. I have a feeling Rory is going to be like Aiden and hit these physical milestones pretty quickly, especially since he's got to keep up with his brother.

However, even though he's a bit of a holy terror, he's gotten even cuter. I wake up in the morning feeling groggy and grumpy and then from his bassinet (which he's way too big for but still sleeping in) I hear laughing. He wakes up laughing and giggling and just thinking the world is the most awesome place. I certainly softens some of the harder aspects of this particular stage, seeing this ball of chub looking so excited to see me each morning. 


Vicki said...

Aiden loves his mommy when he was this age. I watched him, he was so sad when his mother was not home with him. Whenever he heard his mommy's voice, he would bla...bla...bla, it means mommy, mommy, mommy I am here....

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