Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Preschool, Round 2

  First day of schooooool!

Aiden started school on last Monday (whoops this post is late!). The first day went great. He was a little bit nervous but a lot of his friends from last year were in his class, and best of all, the classroom has a tank with frogs in it so there was something that immediately caught his interest. When it was time for me to leave him he was a little clingy but mustered up his courage and said goodbye. I was all prepared to write about how smooth it all went, until Tuesday that is.

Tuesday he bounded into school chattering away and then we got to his classroom and he completely lost it. The teacher was not so helpful and just sort of stared at us as he glued himself to my leg and dragged me toward the door while I tried not to drop Rory. She finally helped me disentangle him from my person and I was able to leave. All day after school on Tuesday he was mopey and lethargic.

The rest of the week he'd do fine at school but come home and be a total tyrant. His post-school exhaustion coupled with a head cold made him less than pleasant. It culminated one night when he woke up more times than Rory.

Luckily, everything has sorted itself out. He's over the cold, I  make sure he takes a nap each day and he's adjusted to his new class. But wow, last week was rough. It's made this week seem even sweeter however because he's back to loving school and being the sweetest boy ever. Well, one of the sweetest boys ever because this one is pretty great too:

Rory is perpetually mystified by the camera, thus his shocked expression in every photo.

Also, Aiden drew this picture of himself and his brother. It's so fantastic I had to share:

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