Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Independent Streak

For the past couple of weeks Aiden has been really....challenging. That's the PG version of what I'd like to say to describe his behavior. Two was full of tantrums and whatnot but three? Three is a whole different ballgame. It used to be he'd roll on the floor and yell for a minute or two when he didn't get his way. Now if he doesn't get his way he makes eye contact and smiles while sweeping all of his toys and markers off the table and onto the floor. That kind of behavior.

Sean had missed a lot of this because he was working the night shift. I had time to adjust and start coming up with more creative consequences for bad behavior but Seany was totally blindsided, and honestly, I think he was a little offended. Sean is used to being the fun one who comes home to a very eager little boy and suddenly Aiden didn't want anything to do with either one of us.

His new phrases are: "Mine!" and "I do it!" and "Leave me alone!". Oh, and the really painful one: "Daddy, go to work".


"YOU DO IT!!!"

"No, wait. I DO IT!"

But then? Then Aiden got sick. He's picked up a hacking cough and runny nose and suddenly he likes us again. He's spent the last couple of days climbing into my lap and resting while we read books. Now, I'm not exactly glad he's not feeling well, but I sure am glad he's remembered that I'm actually a pretty nice person. I'm also remembering that, despite the independent streak, he's a pretty nice person too.

Peace at last.

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