Friday, March 25, 2011

Educational and Slightly Terrifying

Sean is working the night shift all week which means that I have been searching for ways to get Aiden out of the house and ensure that Sean has a chance to sleep without the incessant noise of a three year old and his excitable puppy.

Laura called me up yesterday and suggested taking him to a local Children's Museum. I hadn't heard of this particular place before so we loaded Aiden into the car and drove over to check it out. Much of the museum was dedicated to local wildlife, which Aiden loved. There were tanks with turtles and fish and even a gigantic bullfrog or two.

There was an area sponsored by a news channel where you could give the weather in front of a green screen and it would play back your performance with graphics. Laura was our demonstrator while Aiden and I watched on the tv.

As with several other museums we've been to, this one had areas sponsored by GE. Specifically a demo of how wind turbines work.
Yes, the whole museum was very educational and hands on and we made one last stop in the animal room. There were tanks of iguanas, frogs, snakes and even cockroaches but none of this bothered Aiden. What bothered him was the faux bear skin draped over a log in the corner, casually arranged as part of the 'wildlife' scenery of the room. He took one look at it and hollered "MONKEY!! WITH CLAWS!" and screamed in terror until we rushed him out of there.

No matter how many times we explained that it wasn't real and it wasn't even a monkey, he STILL spent the rest of the afternoon recounting his horrifying brush with a frightening clawed monkey.

Oh well. At least he'll remember it, right?

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Vicki said...

I love Aiden and his God mother; they are so close and cute.