Monday, January 25, 2016

There Have Been Zero Illnesses For: Three Weeks

Hi, hey there, I'm back.  You see after that last post I came down with a horrible cold and other health issues, which lead into November's bout of bronchitis that lasted for two weeks and then it was the holidays and then I got sick AGAIN at Christmas. Good times. Actually, it was really fun but the sickness was not. It's been one of those years where I am so over feeling crappy that I was totally happy to embrace ALL THE HEALTH STUFF after the New Year and luckily haven't gotten sick yet. Yay, one whole month free of germs.

So, what have we been up to since October? Let me see.
1)We went on that awesome September vacation and I made a video to go with all of our pictures.

2) The presidential race is heating up.  Are we all fired up and feeling patriotic about the candidates and the future of 'Merica?

3)  Both boys fall in and out of love with school on a daily basis. I never know if it's going to be "Yes, school, I LOVE IT" or "No, none today thanks" kind of day. The past week has been so cold that I have to muster up all of my adultness to actually get them out the door. We really can't complain though as it's been freakishly warm up until now.

4) Speaking of warm, Christmas was downright bizarre. Christmas Eve we turned the kids loose in the yard because it was 70 actual degrees Fahrenheit.  I don't think it got that warm last year until late April. We played a sweaty game of soccer outside until 6:30 or so. A tradition we will probably never get to repeat.

5) Christmas was a whole lot of this:

and so much of this:

A good time was had by for sure.

And that about brings us up to date. Stay tuned for more of our ridiculous, noisy but hopefully virus  free tales.