Thursday, April 16, 2015

3 Things: What We're Watching/ Reading/ Listening To

Today has been one of those days where I wanted a do-over by about 9am.  Normally I am well aware of how trying toddlers can be, and I have reasonable expectations about  their behavior and how much I can realistically get done but no, not today.  So much whining, and clinging and just generally being contrary little humans all while I tried to pack way too much into the morning. I love them to bits but I am quite glad they are both sleeping soundly right now.

So instead of focusing on that, here's what we've been enjoying in our downtime:

Watching: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. I put this show onto our list (or queue, or whatever they call it now) but we never got around to watching until recently. We picked it on a whim and it was best decision. I love everything about it from the fact that she's a strong, independent female lead to the gorgeous costumes to the fact that it's funny and clever and thrilling in one package. Highly recommend.

Reading:  We're just finishing up Inferno by Dan Brown.  We always wait for the illustrated edition because we're not cultured enough to recall all the locations and works of art he mentions off the top of our heads (and we've never heard of half of them there's that too). It's typical Dan Brown: death/art/high speed chase etc. It's good, but not my favorite, and there are some annoying side characters that just distract from the plot. Also, it's about the potential for a deadly pandemic which is one of my biggest fears. Pandemics and bio-terrorism = nightmares for days.

We are reading The Book of Basic Machines: The U.S. Navy Training Manual to Aiden.  He just finished a unit on simple machines in school and loved it (son of a mechanical engineer so no surprise there). This book covers basic physics and mechanics and has lots of examples of real machines. I realize it seems bizarre to be reading a Navy training manual on physics to a seven year old but he loves it and it's surprisingly easy to understand.

Listening: "Lifted Up (1985)" by Passion Pit. Sean has been playing/humming/singing/tapping this song for two weeks now. It's really catchy, happy and downright hopeful, not to mention it reminds me of my brother who was born in 1985. I agree with the chorus, it was a good year. Although, wow, this video has a seizure warning on it and it's definitely a little flashy.

Tonight I think I'll forget about making that healthy chicken dish and we can do pizza instead.  Maybe we'll have a Passion Pit dance party in the kitchen, even toddlers love to dance.

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