Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Quoatable Kids

Here are some of the gems that have come out of the kids mouths recently:

Aiden (Age 7)

Aiden: I went out to recess and I sat down on the "buddy bench" which is where you go when you're waiting for your friends, but I realized it was the time out bench! I told the teacher I didn't mean to go there and she just said "no one does".

Aiden: What are you reading?

Me: It's an article on Brazil, they're having an outbreak of a disease called Dengue Fever so they're spraying to kill the mosquitoes that carry it

Aiden: It doesn't seem safe for kids and people to spray that stuff. What about bats? They need bat houses in the city, bats eat like a zillion mosquitoes

Me: They have a water shortage so people keep water in open containers and the mosquitoes grow in there.

Aiden: They need to give out better containers with a lid and spout or something. And don't I always tell you and dad not to waste water? I'm gonna keep working on this. 

He's probably going to save the world some day.


Audrey (15 Months)


Sean and I aren't quite certain that she's actually saying "shoes" but it sounds just like it. She says it all the time. Anytime she's playing or crawling around she's saying "shoes" over and over. She's like a mini Carrie Bradshaw.  

Rory (2)

Rory is obsessed with the book Freight Train by Donald Crews. It's the perfect length and has bright illustrations that fit perfectly with Rory's very tiny attention span. He has finally memorized it and will flip through the book "reading" it.

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