Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter and Spring Break

Not only is today Monday, it is the first day back to school for Aiden after a week of spring break. That's not just a Monday but a mega ultra super Monday. A 2+ cups of coffee Monday.
I always get a few heart palpitations right before long stretches of school break because: THREE KIDS, and yet this past week was surprisingly relaxing and truly fun (minus a rough start). Aiden was so sweet and helpful all week, it's amazing what sleeping in late and having free time can do for a kid (or an adult!).

On good Friday we did some shopping as all of the kids were in need of some summer clothes (and we got some Fall clothes off the clearance rack, score). Audrey, the only child of mine who refuses to sleep in the car, was amazing and there were no tears which was wonderful.

We did notice that she was starting to come down with a cold and by Saturday and Easter Sunday she was in the throes of a nasty head and chest cold. This seems to be the way it always happens: Thursday they seem a little off, Friday they're just starting to get sick and Saturday it's the plague and the pediatrician is closed. Every. Time.

On Easter the kids found their Easter baskets (filled with organic, no sugar cheese crackers and organic fruit snacks because the Easter bunny didn't want to deal with kids going bonkers) and some sidewalk chalk and bubbles. The Easter bunny was easily thwarted however by a very generous Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt and the kids each had another basket filled with delicious chocolates and treats. Lucky kids.

Aiden was shortchanged on the weather as it rained for the better part of the week (and will be gorgeous, warm and sunny this week. Such if life). We still made it to the library and the science museum and we able to spend some time outside if the brief moments of good weather. Aiden got to see his aunt Addie and the kids were all able to play about 5,000 rounds of hide-and-seek so spring break was a success. I think I've figured out that for this stage in life having a few plans and lot of free time works best.

To wrap it all up, this weekend was beautiful. Accidental sunburn because you haven't spent so much time outside since October beautiful.  Sean was able to get some trees planted, the kids were able to drag every toy out of the garage and leave them all over the lawn and I got some much needed vitamin D and now feel ready to take on the last two months of the school year. A win for all.

Now let me share some very blurry photos of moving children with you:


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