Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Recap: All the Friends!

A while ago we'd planned to have a few of Sean's college friends come stay for the weekend. Of course I totally forgot who exactly was coming and which weekend it was and went ahead and let Aiden have three play dates last Wednesday through Friday. This means there were anywhere from four to nine kids running around here. In addition to that, both Rory and Audrey have been in a fierce competition for who can cling to me the longest for the past two weeks. I actually went grocery shopping and pushed a cart while holding both of them (that's about 50 pounds of kid). I was very proud of my core and shoulder strength and also kind of dying inside because why must you both make me carry you! All of this to say that we headed into a very busy weekend with giant piles of laundry and a mostly empty fridge and a basement that, while usually pretty tidy, was totally torn apart.

And then all of our friends arrived to sleep in our basement that was in disarray, and eat food that didn't actually exist because whoops that was this weekend? Also, two out of our three showers were broken (one was my fault for putting off calling the plumber but the other was a stroke of bad luck) so one shower for 10 people is always exciting.  As someone who is normally very type A and on top of these things, my head was spinning and I was not feeling like a very good hostess.

Taking all of that into account, how did the weekend go? Wonderfully. Sean's friend Owen planned out all manner of activities and took everyone out to dinner so I could get a reprieve from cooking. They brought wine and chocolate (always, always greatly appreciated). They also spent plenty of time talking to the kids.

I always worry that three children running around will be off putting to people who don't spend a lot of time with kids but this weekend just proved why these guys (and ladies) are such good friends. Nobody minds when a child crawls into their lap to sit or hands them a pencil and paper and asks to draw with them. There was even a morning where everyone sat around eat cinnamon rolls and talking about viscosity and refraction with Aiden after he asked how a certain toy containing colored liquids worked. It's also kind of hilarious to see how much Aiden takes after Sean because what other kid would sit there and be happy to talk about density and buoyancy? Science all the time.

There was mini golfing and cave exploring for everyone and late night cards and wine for the grown ups. My best friend also happened to be in town so I was able to catch up with some of my friends. We can't wait for everyone to come back this summer and I pinky promise I will have more available showers and a full barbeque planned.



 The award for squintiest group picture goes to: Us!



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