Monday, March 21, 2011

Two Steps Foward, One Leap Back

It is officially spring as of yesterday. And today? We woke up to snow. Soaking wet flakes coating the skylight in our bedroom, clinging to the driveway and the grass that had just reappeared after months under some of the biggest snow drifts in memory. Just last week Aiden and I were out traipsing through the mud brought on by the mild spring weather and now we are holed up inside, me shaking my fist at this precipitation that won't quit.

Spring in the Northeast is incredibly frustrating in the way that it is a constant stop and a start. Thirty and snowing. Sixty and sunny. Forty and raining. Seventy and mild. All the way to June when one day it's eighty and summer.

Like life in general, it's full of ups and downs. There's not a thing we can do about it other than smile and keep going.

I'm just glad I have two such wonderful guys in my life to make it easier. In Aiden's words, when life hands you a snowy spring: "Well, maybe we go ski then mommy".

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