Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Night's Alright for...Bowling

We took Aiden to the beach yesterday and Steinn came along with us. There was a really bad rip current so we didn't get to swim much, but Aiden met up with another little boy anyway. They were both playing in the sand, which naturally led to someone getting sand thrown in their face (poor Aiden) but he didn't seem to mind and kept right on playing. Usually we have to drag Aiden home from the beach kicking and screaming, but after we sat down for lunch he started to get weepy and kept saying "home now". So we left early and he feel asleep as soon as Sean pulled out of the parking lot. Obviously, he was in need of a serious nap but instead he woke up as soon as we got back to the apartment and said "I'm okay now!" and wouldn't nap the rest of the day.

The real fun, however, was that we decided to go bowling that night! I hadn't been bowling in years but I remembered being really good. Like really really good. So I warned Sean and Steinn that they shouldn't feel bad if I beat them by a huge margin. However, once we started I felt bad and let them win. I was just being nice, you know?

I had been a little worried about bringing Aiden with us because I guess I associate bowling alleys with old guys drining beer and smoking cigars. I don't know why. When we got there it was actually pretty nice and there were a million kids running around. Aiden was in heaven. Everytime Sean stood up to throw the ball Aiden would do a really elaborate dance and cheer. It consisted of punching the air and spinning in a circle while shouting "Go daddy go daddy good job!". He cheered even when Sean sank the ball in the gutter. Even Steinn got a very serious "Go Steinn go" cheer from Aiden. I didn't get a cheer, which was sad, but I don't take it personally. We even let Aiden roll a few balls down the lane, with Sean's help. He was ready to roll every single ball in the building down that lane.

We got home around 8:30 and instead of rushing into bed he curled up in our laps while we watched the tail end of a movie on t.v. We hoped he might sleep in this morning but no, he woke us up by asking "Where'd Steinn go?". Ah, Sunday mornings with a two year old.

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Vicki said...

I think Aiden was tired of being sand thrown at his face. He is such a nice boy, I guess this is way he is saying "ENOUGH".