Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Quotable Kids

Here are some of the funny things the kids have said lately:

Aiden: 'I'm going to give Rory a giant bite of my ice cream"
Me: "Thank you for sharing with him"
Aiden: "I just want him to get a cold headache so he stops asking for it"

Aiden: "Today I asked my teacher what it means when a girl writes your initials on her knee in red sharpie marker, because that happened to me"
Me: "What did your teacher say?"
Aiden: "She just starting laughing and couldn't stop! Let me tell you I was NOT expecting that. I still don't know what it means!"

Me: "Rory, stop asking for more chicken when you have some on your plate"
Aiden: "I feel like he's just very concerned about protein"

Rory: "Fye Ahm! Fye ahm! FYE AHM!"

*Poor Rory normally speaks very clearly but sometimes struggles with his r's and l's, especially if he's upset. You can imagine then how panicked he was getting while trying to tell us that the fire alarm was beeping only to realize that no one understood him. It just needed a new battery but he was understandably freaking out.

Me: "Rory what do you want for a snack?"
Audrey: "Banana"
Me: "Rory, what do you want?"
Audrey: "Want this! Want banana. Want treat!"

*Girl knows how to use her words. We never have to guess what she wants, ever, for better or worse.

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