Friday, June 12, 2015

Living Up to Her Nickname

All of our poor children have ridiculous nicknames, and from the moment she was born, Audrey's has been Sass. Why? I have no idea. The names just pop into my head, I say them, and the kids are forever doomed to be called something ludicrous whenever we're home together. Her nnickname was always funny because she has been the least sassy person on the face of the earth, until now anyway.

This picture is the essence of Audrey. Attitude for days. For the record, she picks out her own accessories. Apparently she's a big fan of Mr. T.

She is still so sweet and happy but she is all about doing her own thing right now.  Whenever we go somewhere she wants to walk on her own, she wants to open all the doors herself, get her snack out of the cabinet and a drink out of the fridge. She puts her own shoes away and drapes herself in a zillion necklaces everyday. She can never seem to remember that she's only 16 months old. 

We are seeing the truth that each child seems to grow up quicker. Instead of doing toddler things she just wants to keep up with her brothers. She never had any interest in rattles or blocks or baby toys, just Matchbox cars and the tricycle and a baby doll that is the size of her.  She is also talking much more than either one of the boys did at this age.

On one hand it's great that she can and wants to be independent. On the other, her ability still exceeds her judgment. I'm forever feeling elated that she can do so much and it lightens my load and at the same time we're always pulling her back from the brink of danger with a "Not yet! You can't do that yet!". Sean and I have come to realize that we'll be feeling this way until she's an adult.  I just hope we manage to help her keep that sense of independence and drive while helping her use her own good judgment.

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