Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Pre-Date Night Food Diary

4pm:   Cannot wait for our date tonight. Very excited to eat in a real restaurant, with food I did not cook and no one asking for a new fork/ milk/ candy throughout the meal. Yes!

4:30pm: Starving...will just have one small snack to see me through....okay one large snack.  

5pm: Oh  no...children must be fed still. Grilled cheese and carrot sticks it is....that should be easy enough. 

5:20pm: I swear I make the best grilled cheese in the universe. These sandwiches look so good....just one bite. 

5:30pm: How rude, Rory barely touched his! Okay....I'll just finish that for him. 

6pm: Yes yes, everyone can have a treat, simmer down. Well sure I'll share that bowl of ice cream with you. 

7pm: Bedtime...gummy vitamins all around before brushing teeth. Why yes I should eat some of those gummy vitamins.

8pm: Finally at the restaurant! I'll have a glass of malbec while we peruse the menu and make googly eyes at each other.

8:10pm: Seared tuna....crab souffle...steak au poivre....must decide!

8:20pm: Regretting the half of a grilled cheese and the ice cream and definitely the gummy vitamin. Suddenly quite full. Feeling the malbec. Suddenly quite sleepy.

8:25pm: Oh no, waitress is back. Can I just order a nap? 

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