Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Recap: From Winter to Summer in Under a Week

This weekend felt like summer! The weather was in the upper 70's, the kids ran around in shorts and we spent almost every waking moment outside. Saturday we went to the park and then came home and started on some house projects. Let me tell you, when I found out how warm it was going to be all weekend I was so excited to finally wear some sun dresses and skirts but I ended up in painting clothes instead. Such is life. Also, I was explaining to Sean how I was wearing sweaters last week and shorts this week and have completely skipped over my Spring clothes. It's a good thing Fall is so nice around here because Spring doesn't exist.

We were able to tackle so much this weekend: we got a lot of yard work done, painted the front entrance to the house, took the kids to the park and for approximately five hundred walks and finished all the boring stuff like laundry and grocery shopping. Yet Sunday afternoon rolled around and I started to hyperventilate about all the things we hadn't done. Sean was staring at me like I was crazy because some of the things we'd done were projects that had been on the back burner for years.  This happens every time the weather gets warm: I get excited about all the fun and relaxing things we can do and also attempt to finish ALL THE PROJECTS! This never ends well. Hopefully, since it's only the first weekend in May I can nip this craziness in the bud and slow it down a little.

Fairy girl

 It was in the mid 70's and he'd rather get heat stroke than listen to me.

In the playhouse

Marbles and matching

They feel the need, the need for speed!

Talk to me Goose!

Princess Audrey ready to meet Princess Charlotte*

*Aiden thought Princesses were made up, like Dragons. He was absolutely floored to find out they're real. I remember feeling the same way when my Dad explained who Princess Diana was. Now we're just waiting to find out that wizards and Hogwarts are real.

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