Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekend Recap: There Were Firetrucks

 This has taken forever to post because we took pictures with Sean's phone all weekend. When I went to send them to myself he was busy doing things, how dare he. It has now taken me  until Tuesday to actually get the pictures.  I will tell you though that Monday started with me waking up at 6am because a spider was crawling up my arm, so I'm just glad I made it to Tuesday without burning our bedroom down. We'll chalk it up as a win.

Sean had a three day weekend, which is the best kind obviously. His birthday was on Friday so we spent the day doing whatever he wanted. It turns out that what he wanted to do was buy a lot of mulch and take the kids to the park. He's very easy to please. We grilled some burgers and I made a huge batch of chocolate cupcakes (and bought an ice cream cake, just to be thorough). It was a pretty fun but quiet day which is how he wanted it. He's not much of a birthday person (which I struggle to understand because I like to be the BIRTHDAY QUEEN).

Saturday was the annual community day in our town so that was a lot of fun. We went down to the parade with Sean's dad and sister and the kids went bonkers. The parade it self is small and mostly just local groups but there are always firetrucks and Rory was just beside himself with excitement over all the trucks. Even Aiden was impressed, and of course, there was all the candy. We spent the afternoon doing yard work (with all of the Birthday Mulch) and then Aiden went to the fireworks in the evening.

Sunday was spent outside finishing some projects and playing with the kids. We pulled out the water table and there was actual harmony between all three kids as they played and soaked themselves.  Moments like that give me hope that this summer might be filled with fun and happy memories and not just one long heat induced scream fest. It's a good omen.

Best seat in the house

Blowing kisses to the peasants from her carriage

Water table!!!

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