Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend Recap: Memorial Day

Last weekend, a regular old two day weekend, we went to a parade and mulched the entire front section of our yard and did all manner of things. This weekend, a three day weekend, we did....not much of anything. Not even a parade! Shame on us.

Saturday was hectic because Aiden went to his best friend's birthday party (sounded like he had an amazing time) and then we had to pick him up early to attend a family shindig with all three kids in tow. People always seem disappointed when we don't take the kids with us when we visit but there is a reason. We spent the entire party chasing the two little ones, keeping them from pulling food and drinks off tables and keeping them out of the road. We said our hellos and then....chased kids. That was it. Exhausting and a little frustrating. Those two events don't seem like a lot for one day but everyone was so wound up by the time we got home at 7pm that it felt like a weeks worth of activity.

Party dress!

On Sunday Sean planned to take the kids for a bike ride to the park. Aiden rides his bike and Sean takes the little ones in the trailer. It's HILARIOUS to see those two all strapped in and ready to ride. I planned to meet him there and drive everyone home since the ride back is mostly uphill. Sean left on what I thought would be a long ride and called me ten minutes later to see if I was there already. Uh, no Flash Gordon and Flash Jr., I hadn't left the house yet. The kids all played at the park for a while and then zonked out all afternoon while Sean and I did various, non-important bits of cleaning. At least Aiden made it to the pool with my mom. He'd been asking to go since mid-March so that was a big deal.

"Houston, we're ready for take off". Also, poor babydoll never made it home. I believe she was chucked out somewhere on the way to the park.

Bugs 'n bathing suits. This, all summer.

On Monday we had planned to go swimming and then mother nature had the audacity to rain. Instead, my friend Tierney came over and the kids went bonkers in the living room instead of the pool. Oh joy. Sean had to go into work that afternoon, which was soul sucking and terrible since it mostly involved waiting for other people to do things, which they did not do, and therefore he got no work done and should've just stayed home and napped.  I didn't tell him this though since he was looking mighty peeved about the whole thing.

Going back to the routine was quite painful today and I think it's pretty clear we're all ready for summer break. 


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