Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thor Visits A New Realm, Brings the Thunder With Him

Rory had his preschool visit today. It was not awesome but it wasn't any worse than I was expecting. Sean and I had been debating all week about whether he should come with me or not and we finally decided that I'd be just fine with both kids. Note to self: NO. NO YOU WILL NOT BE JUST FINE. Always bring extra help.

I had talked to Rory about school and about how this was HIS school, not Aiden's school, this school is special and just for him! Yay! So fun. He was very excited and singing about school school schoooool all the way there. We walked fifty feet into the building, all was well. We peeked into a classroom, fine and dandy! A teacher came over to talk to us and Rory introduced himself by freaking the heck out. I was not surprised but they certainly were.

We see these teachers around town and every single time we run into them we get chatting about the kids and try and warn them: he's not like Aiden. Aiden who had a big, tear filled adjustment to preschool but did it quietly while holding their hand. They always laugh because of course! All children are different! We love those spirited little people! Clearly, they didn't quite get it.

Audrey started crying when Rory did because his volume was completely overwhelming. I ended up whisking them down the hall to the playroom because he was starting to scare the other kids. Rory continued crying in the playroom while Audrey decided she was done sympathizing with him and went off to play by herself. She is ready for preschool despite having another two years of waiting ahead of her. She got out some beach balls and a tricycle and was a happy camper. (Side note: someone at the school asked if they were twins, a question we've gotten about 500 times. I personally don't see it but apparently everyone else does! I mean, they're a year and a half, three pounds and six inches apart. But whatever.)

Various teachers came in and out to chat with us and see if he wanted to play in the classrooms with the other children. He seemed really interested in playing with the other kids he just had no interest in being near the teachers. Of course the teachers kept coming up to try and talk to him and calm him down which in turn made it worse. We finally decided that our brief tour of the classrooms and our extended stay in the playroom were enough for the day. He just wasn't going to calm down.

Despite the rough visit, I'm not too discouraged. We know it's going to be a big change for him and that in the end he's going to love being with the other kids. He is such a spirited kid, and underneath the tough exterior he is so sweet and independent. I just hope that other people take the time to see that and don't chalk him up as being "difficult". Once he adjusts I think he will be one of the happiest kids there. Until then, he just might be one of the noisiest.


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