Wednesday, May 13, 2015

3 Things: Utter Nonsense Edition

I fully admit that I am a news addict. I am constantly checking the New York Times and we have NPR on the radio every morning (that sounds weird. Are we the only people who still listen to the radio? From actual radio waves and not on the internet? Maybe yes?). Anyway, today is one of those days where I feel like it's just leaping from one tragedy to the next and, not to minimize these events, I could really use a distraction. If you too could use a distraction then come with me and I will take you down a rabbit hole of inane things that have kept us entertained this week.

InStyle. Oh, this is pretty embarrassing. I'm an avid reader, sometimes one book at a time and sometimes five at a go, but I am always reading something. Except this week apparently! In my defense, I have a huge stack of books on my nightstand that I intend to tackle rightquick. However, Sean is about to have his work hours ramp up so I'm trying to save some stuff for the nights and evenings when he's gone.
In the meantime I've been reading InStyle. I received a free subscription (because I'm not spending our own dollars on it) and I think it might be tied with Vogue for my favorite fashion magazine. If Vogue is a Picasso then InStyle would be an in-depth guide to cubism. Vogue shows you the fashion and InStyle explains how to actually wear it. The photography and styling in Vogue is not to be beat, but I like that InStyle doesn't try to be anything other than a fashion rag. I would go to a far more legitimate source for news and I appreciate that they get this and stick to explaining how to make marsala lipstick work instead.
Okay,  I promise I'll have a real book next time.


 Drunk History. We (accidentally) renewed our Amazon Prime account. I was considering cancelling it because it went from $79 to $99 and I really only use it for the free shipping at Christmas. I..uh...forgot to cancel it and it renewed and I was a little angry until I realized that I now have access to Prime Music, which has an amazing library of music you can stream on your phone, and Prime movies and shows. It's not as easy to use as Netflix but it's got a solid selection of shows, and this is how we stumbled across Drunk History (which is normally on Comedy Central but we're weird cord cutters who don't do cable).
It is literally drunk people recounting historical events. Sean doesn't find it nearly as funny as I do but I love it.  It's chock full of famous people acting out the historical scenes and it has me laughing/crying every time. I will say that there is salty language and occasional vomiting, and yet, none of that bothers me in the least.
Not on television, but in the same vein (minus the vomiting) is The Adventure of George  Washington. These are just historical paintings that people have captioned but, again, SO FUNNY. Unless you're Sean who doesn't get it.

 "Go Go Go" by Panic is Perfect. For the past week Sean has been going on about this amazing new song that starts off in French but switches to English and is AMAZING and FANTASTIC and [insert superlative here]. I finally figured out what song he was talking about and it is in fact pretty awesome. The only caveat, to me at least, is that the lyrics are kind of meh. Sean likes another band called Phoenix, and they are French but sing in English and their songs are also gibberish. It drives me crazy when you're bopping your head want to sing along but IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. Panic is Perfect is apparently from San Fransisco so they have no excuse. I like musicians to use their grown up words and tell me exactly what's going on. Did you break up? Are you happy? What is going on here?! Anyway, I can get past the nonsensical lyrics and enjoy the music, which Sean tells me is really the point of music.

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