Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cute Chicks Here

I'm just wondering how many people will be disappointed by that title.

Aiden's first grade class has been taking care of a brood of chicks. They hatched over the weekend, except for one who came partway out of his shell and fell asleep for a day or so (that chick is Sean's spirit animal). By Monday they were all fully out in the world.

It has been so adorable to hear Aiden talk about all the important things they do to take care of the chicks: "They're not in an incubator, they're in a brooder now Mom! You must be careful not to move the table and scare them! They all run over to me when I visit them! They must think I'm they're dad!"

Guys, it's just SO CUTE. He told us all about having to clean and feed them and about helping the poor chick who trips and gets it's beak stuck in the wire floor all the time (that chick is my spirit animal). He has such a strong paternal instinct that he even gets annoyed with his classmates who don't take raising chicks seriously enough.

"We have to be careful because they are so small! They rely on us for their food and someone needs to be here even on the weekend! You can't take a weekend off because they are living creatures!"

It's like he's wise beyond his years. I love seeing this caring, sweet side of him.  He told me even got to name three of them.

"They're called Darth Vader, Car and Strawberry"

Yeah...he's definitely seven.

Poor Car over there on the left. We've all had those days.

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