Sunday, May 31, 2009

Loosening Up

Sean and I have two very different styles when it comes to our downtime. Sean, for as driven and hardworking as he is during the week, is the slowest moving creature I've ever met come Saturday morning. Meanwhile, I jump out of bed listing off the millions of things I'd like to do and want to hop to it right that instant. Most weekends I'm hurrying Sean along as he takes twenty minutes to tie his shoes and another fifteen to brush his teeth. He's constantly giving me these exasperated looks as I rush around trying to schedule every minute of our weekend. I'm not sure why I'm like this, since Sean and I both remember how annoying it was to have your parents find you sitting in a chair doing nothing and have them say "What are you doing? Find something to do! Get up and be constructive". It seems I've somehow absorbed those years of admonishments and I'm turning them back on the world. I've become such a type-A personality I'm convinced that if we don't feed Aiden lunch at the same time everyday it will throw off the universe and the wheels of civilization will slowly grind to a halt.

This weekend, maybe since we've been so busy for the last two, I have totally turned around. We let Aiden stay in his crib a little longer so we could sleep in, and when we did get up I was in no hurry to get out the door. We saved the few chores we had for the end of the day and spent plenty of time just stopping and sprawling out on the couch for awhile. It was completely relaxing, but now that we're nearing the start of a new week my need for schedules is coming to the forefront in my mind, probably because after such a laid back weekend Aiden is running amok and I've lost all handle on the laundry and the apartment is a mess. Oh yeah..that's why I am the way I am.

For the weekend it was a nice break anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I would say one thing...type A isn't bad, but neither is the other. Set up some time to fly through chores, but set up some other time to sit back and smell roses or the fruits of your Type A hard work. Each one of you needs to have some time to look forward to satisfying their inner urges and that you are being considerate of each other's personality. Perhaps three out of four weekends on type A!