Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gateway Drug

In an effort to get Aiden to eat we finally had to resort to ketchup. I was sitting trying to get Aiden to eat his vegetables and meat before he got any cheese or fruit. I went to the fridge to get him some more milk and I saw it sitting in the fridge door, just waiting for me to realize it's magnificent power. I took it out and put just a tiny dot of it on his tray and, no joke, he raised his arms above his head and shouted a joyful "Blehhhh" which I think is some kind of prayer of thanks to the condiment gods. For the rest of the meal he dipped everything into that little pea sized spot of ketchup, even after that dollop was gone every piece of food he picked up was dipped in the imaginary ketchup and lo and behold he ate EVERYTHING.

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